Ismail Boularbah I Craft Interfaces And Types For Breakfast!!

TypeScript/Go enthusiast and competitive programmer, I possess a deep passion for writing code and crafting responsive web applications and designs, with a particular affinity for JavaScript. My expertise lies in leveraging cutting-edge technologies, including Next.js, React.js, React Native, Expo, Google Firebase, Supabase, PostgreSQL, and Restful APIs.

Quite Proficient in JavaScript and TypeScript for crafting scalable UI solutions that prioritize user experience and maintainability. Passionate about driving excellence in software development through continuous learning and collaboration.

I thrive on engaging with projects that challenge me to utilize these technologies to their fullest potential, enabling me to deliver innovative solutions and robust applications. My dedication to staying abreast of industry advancements ensures that I bring a dynamic and forward-thinking approach to every endeavor I undertake.

📖 Untrusted Thoughts..

The Enigma of Numbers

Mathematical Paradoxes, Unsolvable Equations, and the Uncharted Territories Where Numbers Defy Traditional Mathematical Conventions.

The Art Of Particles Accelerator

The Masterpieces of Scientific Ingenuity that Propel Subatomic Particles to Unprecedented Energies, Revolutionizing Our Understanding of the Fundamental Building Blocks of the Universe.

The Great Egyptian Pyramids

Architectural Marvels of Ancient Egypt Standing as Timeless Testaments to Human Ingenuity and Cultural Legacy.